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Access Control Reader Pedestals

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Reader Pedestals in different Heights and sizes to house Access Control Equipment

Product Description

Robust, Zinc Plated Steel Reader Posts in Multiple Sizes

Allowing the installer to mount a wide array of access security equipment, the PSE reader system is extremely versatile in height, reach, colour and size.

Barrier, gate and communications controls require sturdy, all-weather housings. Our reader shelters

equipment with a protective, cast shroud.


Keypads, RFID and intercoms can vary in size and often several are needed together. An extra large reader is the answer, offering a larger stainless steel face area to mount your equipment.


Selecting the correct reader post and header is vital with the huge variety of site access requirements. Headers can be mounted at customised height, and where posts have to be away from a roadway, a swan neck configuration bridges the gap. PSE reader solutions always fit the job.


Car, van and lorry side windows require very different reader post solutions.

The PSE reader header and post assembly allow a customised mount height, allowing for verge, kerb and obstacle obstruction.

PSE Readers Spec Sheet

PSE Reader Posts CAD Drawing

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