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About Us

A bit of history…

PSE was formed by Neil Sewell and Damian Speer, together having over 38+ years in the Perimeter Security Equipment Industry. We both met working for Parking Facilities Ltd in its early days helping Anthony Green to grow the company. We each gained a vast knowledge in electronics and mechanics and fine tuned the products to make them what became known as an “industry standard”. They were known for there ease of install and simplicity whilst at the same time being an effective and trusted formula. This equipment went through many changes adapting to later introductions of legislation and conformity. We have both worked out on sites installing/maintaining and configuring this equipment.

After many years we both left to find our own paths and have recently come together to realise our own goals in using our shared knowledge and experience to create a business in an industry we are both passionate about.

What we do now…

PSE (Perimeter Security Equipment) offers a range of technology/physical equipment/site services primarily aimed at the trade sector. We have gained MANY friends in our industry and want to add to this by supplying equipment and services which we feel can add value.

·         We offer Site Services such as site survey’s/call outs/installation services/consultancy, through our own and trusted network of technical engineers.

·         We offer new “smart” technology” which has been tried tested by us.

·         We supply new equipment hand selected from different manufacturers because it’s the best on offer.

·         We offer Training for engineers to immerse them into this industry.

·         We supply spare parts for most manufacturers’ equipment.

Please feel free to get in contact us today via email/WhatsApp/text/Call…